AGRUPATION FOR THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND THE PROMOTION OF THE RURAL EMPLOYMENT (ADESPER) founded in 2000, is a Non Profit National Organization with Legal Personality; it was founded as “Association”.

Avatar Climbing Centre is a place where you can experience crossing your personal barriers and limits, and what's more: enjoy it to the maximum.

CO&SO Empoli is a social enterprise born in 2002 as II° level organisation of social cooperation. It is a private entity that pursues public goals, acting as a privileged interlocutor for its own Community.

EGREPA is the European Group for Research into Elderly and Physical Activity.

The research area of Physical Activity for the elderly is a rapidly growing field. The European Group for Research into Elderly and Physical Activity (EGREPA) was born during the Third International Conference on Physical Activity, Aging and Sport, held at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, in 1992.

PLinEU Association participates in projects and supports Work Life Balance initiatives. We strive to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to achieve real fulfilment in their personal, social and professional lives.

ProActivate Ireland is a non-profit NGO established as an Irish company limited by guarantee and formed in order to participate in projects in the areas of cultural understanding and cooperation, unemployment & entrepreneurship, integration of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, community development, active ageing and intergenerational learning, youth development, environmental protection and promotion of marginalised groups.

The University of Muenster participates with the Institute of Sport and Exercises Sciences (ISES), which is part of the faculty of psychology and exercise science. The institute includes seven departments from natural science, social science and humanities.

VCAT Consulting has been developing websites, web portals, mobile web pages, e-business software for private companies as well as e-government portals for public administration since 1999.

The Wingate College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences is an accredited academic institution devoted to exercise sciences and physical education.