PLinEU Association

PLinEU Association participates in projects and supports Work Life Balance initiatives. We strive to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to achieve real fulfilment in their personal, social and professional lives. We motivate and inspire people to seek individualised solutions for balancing their personal and professional lives. We support organisations that operate in the spirit of providing equal opportunities and thus contribute to the development of our society.

In our work, we continue to search for the best ways to activate and support those who are the guardians of their dependants: children, elderly persons, persons with disabilities. We inspire other non-governmental organisations, companies, and individuals to implement solutions, which promote balance between the personal and professional aspects of life, and which advocate equal opportunities for women and men. We encourage everyone to formulate their own objectives, to take initiative, and pursue the things they are passionate about. Participants in our projects contribute to the creation of our institutional offer.

Our Association has been successfully developing various actions aimed at increasing women’s participation in professional, social and public life; helping them to combine work with family; and, in more general terms, strengthening the potential of non-governmental organisations. To this day, we have assisted more than 1500 persons, 5000 organisations and businesses; we have successfully completed 17 projects.

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Employees working in the project:

  1. Katarzyna Piecuch
  2. Sylwia Tałach-Kubas
  3. Joanna Wojanowska