University of Muenster

The University of Muenster participates with the Institute of Sport and Exercises Sciences (ISES), which is part of the faculty of psychology and exercise science. The institute includes seven departments from natural science, social science and humanities. They deal with education, learning and the development and maintenance of individual physical, cognitive and social resources. Target groups range from preschool children to the oldest old, from high performance athletes to preventive exercise and everyday activity.


ISES also trains about 1300 students in physical education for all kinds of schools. Academic education of teachers and other professionals is a main focus of the University of Muenster, which is the largest educational institution in the German states of North-Rhine Westfalia.

The special expertise and interest of the about 30 scientists is that they conduct their research over the full range from basic research questions over application of the new knowledge up to real world implementation and science transfer.


In 2010 and 2012, the institute reached one of the top positions in the German discipline-specific university ranking (CHE, centre for higher education). On the European level, members of the institute are board members on several science organisations and academic journals. They also serve as evaluators for FP7 and other EU funding programmes. 

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Employees working in the project:

  1. Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber 
  2. PD Dr. Michael Brach 
  3. Dr. Marion Golenia 
  4. Stefanie Dahl

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