VCAT Consulting was founded in 1999 and until 2006 was a branch of Siemens AG Berlin. In 2006 it left the company of its own volition. Since re-establishment of VCAT Consulting, it has operated successfully from its location in Media Park Potsdam, and by the end of 2013 had more than 15 employees. 

Within the framework of web based demands we guide customers and partners through the entire process – from strategic planning to implementation and operation up to continuous optimization. If non-standard solutions are sought, we will develop them in professional cooperation with our customers and if requested will also finance them.

VCAT consulting specialises in developing software exclusively for internet use. In addition to bespoke developments (for example for communities, portals, web data bases) our company focuses on consulting and training in the internet sector and on coaching in media competency. We also offer hosting for web applications.

Since 1999 the company has developed and marketed its own customized VCAT-platform, password protected software for group and team-based projects. This groupware  offers opportunities for linking individual team members in order to accumulate knowledge and to exchange experiences. It is important for VCAT Consulting to create a framework in which teams work together on solutions and learning outcomes. For collaborations like this the platform is the central point of contact for time- and location-independent working.  This approach makes the VCAT platform one of the favourite platforms of the State Institute for Schools and Media in Berlin-Brandenburg (LISUM).

We meet our social obligations by our involvement in selected social projects. Currently we support as main sponsor the youth activities of USV Potsdam Basketball.

For its various activities VCAT Consulting has won 2013 the Enterprise Award of IHK (Chamber of Commerce) Potsdam in the category ‘Social Involvement’.

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Employees working in the project:

  1. Michael Budde
  2. Nico Danneberg
  3. Nadine Dillinger