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You will find international contribution to the Active I project here.

Private insights in the senior sports event in Krakow

The spanish seniors made a video with private insights in the senior sports event in Krakow.

You can watch the video here.

Co&So article about senior sporting event

An article from our italian project partner Co&So about the senior sporting event in Krakow:

Article in a spanish regional newspaper

The collaboration of students of Universidad de León has generated another press impact in a Regional Newspaper. Please feel free to have a look in the spanish newspaper:

Article and Add in the "The Galway Advertiser"

The irish project partner ProActivate got an article and an add published on 16th March 2016 in their regional newspaper "The Galway Advertiser" which gets to 80 000 households.

Polish newspaper article about active ageing event at PLinEU

PLinEU realized a great event about active ageing. An interesting article about it was published in the local newspaper. You can read it here.

Spanish newspaper articles

After a very succesful meeting with the active seniors in Leon, Spain the local newspapers published several articles:


Italian partners started their train senior

Please find above a press review about the start of the course in Italy. The italian partners started the coundesed course week on 10th March 2015.

Please find the articles above:

Italian newspaper article about the Active I project


Please find more information here:

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