Wingate College

The Wingate College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences is an accredited academic institution devoted to exercise sciences and physical education.  It offers undergraduate as well as graduate programs, providing students with theoretical and applied knowledge in the different areas of sport, exercise and human movement sciences, such as exercise physiology, motor learning, sport pedagogy, biomechanics, kinesiology, and philosophy of sport, as well as in related sciences such as health and nutrition.


In addition to areas of specialization offered at the College such as: cardiac rehabilitation, adapted physical activity, posture cultivation and sports management, the College offers a unique program on health and physical activity in advanced age. The program has been operated for over 20 years and has gained a worldwide reputation. Senior citizens (aged 65 and up) and the contribution of physical activity to their wellbeing are the focus of this program. Students learn the principles for adapting and implementing activity programs in clubs for the elderly, day care centers, and old age homes according to their physical ability level. The curriculum includes: Principles of Physical Activity, Biological and Physiological Changes in Healthy and Disabled Elderly People, and Socio-psychological Aspects of Adulthood and Old Age. 

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Employees working in the project:

  1. Prof. Yael Netz